VPL Photo Skin Rejuvenation

Ultra VPL offers a safe, non-surgical treatment for many skin conditions often brought about by age or over-exposure to the sun. It is also very effective on active acne and can improve the scars caused by acne.

Where pigmentation is concerned, the Pulsed Light is absorbed by the excess melanin, which then breaks up into smaller particles and is removed by the body’s natural exfoliating process.

Thread Veins, Spider Naevi and Cherry Spots. Light energy is absorbed by the blood vessels. The heat generated breaks down the vessel walls, and the body removes them naturally.

A nice side effect of Intense Pulse Light, is that it stimulates cells in our skin called Fibroblasts. These cells are responsible for creating collagen which keeps our skin looking youthful. By stimulating collagen, we can improve fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Price List:
Lip    $55
Chin    $65
Side of Face    $99
Full Face    $180
Hands    $110
Full Arms    $330
Half Legs    $330