Ear & Body Piercing

Body piercing is a more widespread practice than the other forms of body art addressed in the exhibition. Ear piercing and nose piercing are especially commonplace among many different cultures. While the process of piercing can be significant in itself, sections of the exhibition focus on the outcome of the process, that is, the jewellery associated with piercing and what it means. Many parts of the body can be pierced and there is a great array of jewellery associated with piercing.

At Abeauty, all therapist performing piercing procedures are properly trained by a certified specialist. All equipments and jewellery used are autoclaved and comply with NSW Health Regulation of Skin Penetration Act 2000

Ear Piercing Price
1 Ear $22
2 Ears $30
Nose $45
Beauty Spot $79
Eye Brow $79
Navel $79

*Pricing (Price included jewellery)