Tattoo Removal

We Offer the Most Advanced Tattoo Removal Treatments for Your Unwanted Tattoo

There are many reasons to undergo tattoo removal, from correcting an error by the artist, removing names when a relationship ends, or removing a tattoo that no longer reflects a lifestyle held at the time the original tattoo was applied.  A great number of patients also seek tattoo removal to fade a tattoo so that a cover up tattoo can be applied as a replacement.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Laser Tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure that removes the unwanted tattoo from any area of the body through a series Laser Treatments.  This is achieved through Pulses of highly focused light energy directed at the tattoo ink.  This breaks the ink up into small micro pieces.  The body’s immune system will then remove these shattered particles and the tattoo will then commence to fade.

What Factors Determine the success of Tattoo Removal?

Complete removal of a tattoo is based on a number of different factors such the age and ink colour of the tattoo, the size, location, application, type of ink used as well as the health of the patient and their ability to heal.  Newer tattoos are generally more difficult to remove.

Can any Tattoo be Removed?

Generally no, not every tattoo can be removed completely, but the majority can.  Tattoos are meant to be permanent, with modern ink technologies and advancement in tattooing skills, body art is now even harder to remove.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Unfortunately, tattoos are uncomfortable to have placed on the skin and they are just as uncomfortable when removed.  At Abeauty we endeavour to minimise the discomfort as much as possible by either applying to local anaesthetic ointment on the tattoo before the procedure, through to injecting a local anaesthetic into the tattoo before the procedure and the use of a cooling machine during the procedure to also reduce the pain of the Laser Treatment.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Treatments times vary considerably from 10 minutes for a small 2cm square tattoo to 30 minutes or much longer for a full arm sleeve for example.

How many Sessions will it take to Remove a Tattoo?

For most tattoos five to ten sessions are needed to fade and remove a tattoo completely; however some may require many more than 10 sessions.  The number of sessions needed varies depending on the tattoo being removed and factors such as the density, depth, type of ink and colour of ink and placement on the body.  At Abeauty our Laser is very effective and can treat all ink colours not just black ink as many other clinics are able to do. Sessions should be spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart

What is the cost of the best Tattoo Removal Abeauty has to offer?

Pricing depends on the size of the Tattoo and the number of colours.  We provide a comprehensive consultation to assess your skin type and size of tattoo in order to give you a firm quote for the removal however a rough guide to our pricing is listed below.  Prepaid packages are also available offering even greater savings


Each session is charged for the cm2 area of the tattoo.

Tattoo Removal

Up to 20cm2 (approx. 4.5cm x 4.5cm)
Up to 50cm2
Up to 100cm2
Up to 150cm2
Up to 200cm2
Up to 250cm2
Up to 300cm2 (1/2 A4)
An accurate price will be provided with a full consultation
Consultation and test patch (15 min)     FREE
Take home anesthesia cream     $15 per pack
Pre Purchase Series Discounts
  • Series x 5 tattoo removal: 25% discount of single treatment
  • Series x 10 tattoo removal: 30% discount of single treatment
  • Series x 15 tattoo removal: 35% discount of single treatment

(purchase of series includes a free take home anesthesia cream)

EXAMPLE: Series x 5 of 100cm2 will get $312.50 discount off the regular price of $1250.

Total cost of series x 5 = $937.50